• Brogan Searforge

    Brogan Searforge

    The mercenary son of a dwarven refugee, Brogan's father left the corruption and opression of Ironhall behind him long ago and raised his son in the lands of men. When Brogan showed potential for magic, his father nearly beggared himself paying for Brogan'
  • Devlin Wylde

    Devlin Wylde

    Only child of a family tainted by demonic pacts, Devlin is cursed with a blade he cannot rid himself of which contains the spirit of a powerful devil. He left the corruption and demonic influence of his homeland to try and find a cure, but the only respit
  • Gloriana Snow

    Gloriana Snow

    Once the daughter of a powerful Baron, Glory was transformed by the magic of the Winter Fae when her stepmother tried to have her assassinated. Now she wanders at the urgings of dark whispers within her, using magic she barely knows how to control, follow
  • Keishara


    Keishara's family were captured and enslaved by the slave-takers of Helios. Each member was sold to a different master, scattered across the devil-tainted nation. When Keishara's master was slain in an assassination by a rival noble House, she escaped and